Paper masks for the band Woods of Birnam music video ‘Into the Rapture’. 
Made from paper and fabric, six masks come forth on dancers with colorful kaleidoscope voguing moves while encouraging us to dance in the disco of diversity and acceptance. 

directed by Clemens Walter
mask making by Lacy Barry & Cris Wiegandt (Crizilla & Delasey)​​​​​​​
group choreography by Ariclenes Garcia
dancing/performing by Kai Braithwaite, Dornika Kazerani, Christopher Melody, Kimimila Rolling Thunder (
cinematography by Yannick Bonica 
chief lighting by Philipp Gerhardt
art department by Hannah Rolland  
costumes by Ellen Hofmann & Kimimila Rolling Thunder
make up by Jasmin Arnold​​​​​​​
stage by Bernd Mahnert 
assistent directing by Daniel Wild 
set managing by Anastasia Alary 
assistent cinematography by Tilman Bandel 
grip by Tan Ippekaya 
data wrangling by Sebastian Lempe 
sound on set by Uwe Pasora 
lighting by Christian Richter, Katharina Degen, Anton Meister 
catering and setrunning by Sandro Zarbo
montage by Clemens Walter 
animation by Clemens Walter & Vanessa Dahl 
rotoscoping by Vanessa Dahl 
3D scan animation by Distant Relative
special thanks to: FGV Schmidle, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, Mezem Catering, Rico Heinisch, Yael Reuveny, Frido Schoepper, Constanze Soeder, Daniel Unger, Alex Wolf.​​​​​​​
Year of Production 2018
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