For this project the design agency J V-FORMATION asked me to conceptualize and create five crafts for the Veolia Sustainability Report 2015 using real recycled materials – in other words, I was given the job of making garbage look good.
Using tangles of cables, shards of rainbow colored glass, scraps of paper, plastic pieces and even real garden cress, I created five contrasting scenes that show how Veolia turn trash into treasure – all populated by miniature Veolia employees hard at work. Every individual craft echoes the round shape of the Veolia logo, while distinctly demonstrating different aspects of their work, what Veolia stands for and what they do as a recycling company – for the environment, for their own workers and for society as a whole. 

 This project has won:
- Best of Content Marketing 2017 - Silver
- Hiii Illustration 2016 Awards - Finalist Most Popular Award
- Hiii Illustration 2016 Awards - Finalist Nomination for Commercial Award
client: Veolia 
art direction: V-FORMATION – Agentur für visuelle Kommunikation GmbH 
overall concept: Johanssen + Kretschmer Strategische Kommunikation GmbH 

concept and art direction: Cris Wiegandt 
crafts: Cris Wiegandt, Mona Wasawari and Ollanski 
retouch: Cris Wiegandt and Ollanski 
photography: Frank Groll 
producer: Barbi Mlczoch (Cosmopola) 

Year of production:  2016

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