The advertising agency Kolle Rebbe asked me to direct two TVCs for their client Rauch. Together with the paper craft artist Ollanski, I created a tangible animation. In both commercials fruits transform into characters and other objects: a lemon becomes a taxi driver, a passion fruit buzzes like an alarm clock, a pineapple shoots off like a firework, strawberries fly away and a lime and a peach fall in love. And at the end, the paper fruits turn into real fruits. Delicious!
Client: Rauch
Agency: Kolle Rebbe 
CD: Tobias Fritschen
Directed by Cris Wiegandt 
Paper Craft & Art Direction: Ollanski 
Stop Motion: Cris Wiegandt
Set Compositor: Iara Guedes
D.O.P.: Karl Hoffmann
Food Styling: Yvonne Trapp
Post Production: Harvest Postproduction
Produced by Cosmopola

Year of production: 2016​​​​​​​
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