is a short animation piece created by  Cris Wiegandt and Bárbara Fonseca for TEDEd.
The project was done while sharing a studio space and it was inspired by a mutual curiosity in what a collaboration between them could result in as well as a need to get outside of comfort zones and expand their artistic horizons.
Mid-century aesthetics and bright colours are mixed with 3D animation (characters modeled by Hugo Morais) and come together to bring us to the underwater world of the hatchet fish. Sound design by Claudia Ioana Vasiliu.
Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

Character design - Hatchetfish
Character design - Fangtooth fish
Character design - Anglerfish
Character design - Dragonfish
Animated Elements:
Water study:
Some scenes:
Game interface:
Educator: Kenneth Kostel, Philip Renaud
Director: Cris Wiegandt
Narrator: Addison Anderson
Storyboard Artist: Cris Wiegandt, Bárbara Fonseca
3D Modeler: Hugo Morais
Animator, Compositor: Cris Wiegandt
Art Director: Bárbara Fonseca
Sound Designer Claudia: Ioana Vasiliu
Director of Production: Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Director: Alex Rosenthal
Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Associate Editorial Producer: Cella Wright
Production Coordinator: Abdallah Ewis
Script Editor: Alex Gendler
Fact-Checker: Jennifer Nam

Year of production: 2021

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