‘Nearly Animals’ is one of my collaborations with London’s Nearly Normal Studio. I was in charge of crafting the crocodile character, building the tea party set and later on I also worked with Jess Deacon to animate the scene.
The set we worked on for this project was so huge that we were only able to reach the characters by balancing on a podium and reaching over to touch the characters with a tiny piece of wood. It was a creative challenge that tested both our artistic and our gymnastic talents.
Creative Direction: Saulo Jamariqueli & Jaime Kiss
Animation Directed by Saulo Jamariqueli & Jess Deacon
Producer: Baz Sells / Joost Zoetebier
Art Direction: Clayton Junior
Art Department: Victoria Bee, Jess Deacon, Cris Wiegandt, Thomas Laurance, Margherita Gaffarelli, Saulo Jamariqueli
Assistant: Hannah Miles
Animators: Jess Deacon, Cris Wiegandt, Saulo Jamariqueli
Director of Photography: Saulo Jamariqueli
Camera Operator: Jess Deacon, Saulo Jamariqueli
3D Pre-Visualisations: Rosalvo Melo, Saulo Jamariqueli, Daryl Higgins, Victoria Bee
Post Production: Saulo Jamariqueli
Year of production: 2015
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