Baked in flavored licorice, gobbed in gumballs, dripping with swirling syrups, sprinkled in sugar sand and eventually topped with whipped cream, party sprinkles and a cherry, Cris’s super sharp sweet tooth bakes a yummy mix of fun and color into her Creative Cloud feature for Adobe. Teamed with a small fleet of confectioners, Cris’s animated candy factory is one that puts a sprinkle twinkle in any fairy bun buns eye.
Client: Adobe
Group Marketing Manager: Katja Dollinger
Creative Director: Daniel Vargas Diaz
​​​​​​​Candy Shop Manager (Producer) - Barbi Mlczoch Cosmopola
Pastry Chef & Candy Factory Engineer (Concept, Compositing) - Cris Wiegandt
Confectioner (crafts) - Cris Wiegandt, Lacy Barry, Ju’un Alibert, Gosia Borowiec, Sakiko Mitsuya
Photography - Frank Groll
Retouch - Iara Guedes

February 2018
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