My first 3D Commercial.
The request came in as miniature / stop motion, but after considering timings, concept, transitions and scale of the miniature in comparison to the real products, and considering  the flexibility we have with digital animation, our concept was to work with a team that is specialised in modelling digital miniature worlds. 
Working very closely with Cruiser VFX, who crafted the miniature CGI sets, and also with the constant help of Ru Warner our producer at HUSH London, I managed to learn from scratch what the workflow of a 3D project is about. 
Coming  from a Stop Motion background, it was interesting to see how every detail came alive one render at the time. 
My task on this project, apart of directing, was also to art direct and create all the characters, which were all designed in 2D. It was an amazing process to define the poses, clothes, hair and and most important the diversity around each one.
Character Design - hair, skin color, clothes and poses

From storyboard to final render

Color palette environment
Final renders
Client : Adobe Inc.
Marketing Manager : Alexander Meyers
Creative Director : Daniel Vargas Diaz
Senior Art Director : Tasnim

Creative Director : Michael James Phillips
Creative Director : Scott Kooken

Strategist : Carolina Nigro Sangoão
Producer : Jessica Reynolds

Director : Cris Wiegandt
Production Company : HUSH London
Executive Producer : Ru Warner
Animation & Post Production : Cruiser VFX
Character Design, Animatic : Cris Wiegandt
Storyboard : James Gifford
Sound Effects : Gerd Böttler
Speaker : Jason Levine

Year of production 2020
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