Paper Vienna – Live talk, Photo walls and DIY Pop-up cards at BlogFabrik Berlin
Event Date: April 25th, 2019, 7-10pm
Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry take you on a journey to Vienna with Pergraphica Paper and Forward Festivals. Here you can eat wursts and drink beer amongst a cutely characterized 3D paper-craft Wurstelstand, make a pop-up card complete with instructions to cut-out your very own little Vienna to then pose with in a life sized Paper Vienna backdrop, complete with paper prop drinks. After all that we get into the grit of their former studio Crizilla & Delasey really are; what moves and inspires us, some of our favourite projects and maybe a ghost story or two.
Design & Concept: Cris Wiegandt & Lacy Barry
Artist Agency Cosmopola
Video & images supplied by Richard Hemmer at Mondi & Anna Rose Ableidinger
Festival Director: Othmar Handl
Festival Organiser: Anna Rose Ableidinger
Year of Production 2019
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